Madness of untreated mental illness contingency finish now

Off medsNYPD

Off meds

A illness holding serf a tellurian essence engulfed a Queens area Sunday with bloody horrors that were done unavoidable by New York’s disaster to caring for a exceedingly mentally ill.

In a six-hour siege, 23-year-old James Patrick Dillon wielded a knife, incendiary glass and glow as a demons in his mind educated his physique to do. He killed, maimed and afterwards was shot himself.

Dillon’s family pronounced that he had been diagnosed as schizophrenic and bipolar, had been hospitalized for a conditions — and had stopped holding prescribed drugs for 6 months.

For wish of pills that can overpower demons, there was unnecessary pang and genocide on an rare scale. Are we focused, Gov. Cuomo? Will we find a way, Mayor de Blasio?

Mentally ill people are erupting vigourously with apparently augmenting frequency.

In January, Angel Feliz-Volquez hacked his Bronx neighbor to genocide with a machete. Kari Bazemore slashed his approach by city streets from a south Bronx to Chelsea.

Also in January, Francis Salud slashed a foreigner in a East Village, opening wounds that indispensable 150 stitches.

In February, Kareem Bryant punched a immature lady in a face in a Times Square transport station.

VictimAngus Mordant/for New York Daily News


The attacks drew lamentations before vanishing into a privacy that protects a mental health complement from burden for failures, while helmet inaugurated officials from carrying to explain a policies that have placed a severely ill in a village but suitable support.

Now, Dillon’s demons have given a glance into how most mistreat a mentally ill can inflict — including on themselves.

The fee contingency finally muster central New York to boost caring for a mentally ill.

Cuomo — who commendably shrunk dear state psychiatric hospitals and redirected supports to village mental health services — contingency reassess a border of unintended consequences.

De Blasio — who commendably done diagnosis of mental illness a priority — contingency fast-track and enhance efforts to strech those with diagnosed psychiatric conditions . Other elements of his unconditional mental health module can wait.

New York City can no longer continue encircle by a desperately ill.

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