How To Do Self Acupressure

Acupressure is a way to stimulate many body functions and neurological systems within the body. Acupressure can also be done for self-treatment of headaches, nausea, anxiety and other day to day ailments. They can be very beneficial when applied daily. Many people begin their acupressure journey by seeing a practitioner as it is a vast area of treatment. A good practitioner will give you a prescription of points you can stimulate yourself between visits.

There is a basic protocol for well being. The best place to start is on the edge of the eyebrows next to the nose. To press the points you will want to use your fingers or a pencil eraser if your fingers are on the thick side. You begin by pinching the skin around the eyes and letting go. You want to be careful to not pinch too hard so as to cause pain. This system helps bring more acuity to your eyes. If you are feeling sluggish in the morning this is an excellent way to wake up. It is excellent when worked in conjunction with the neck. When working with the neck it is the same as the eyebrows you will want to pinch and release at the back of the neck. When pressing the points or pinching the points you will want to hold it for at least half a minute. Ideally you will want to hold it for one to two minutes as this will have a noticeable effect. When performing self acupressure you do not want to do the same points every day. You will want to pay attention to what effect those points are having on your body. Also, you want to do the points on each side of the body to remain in balance.

If you have tight, tense muscles there are other techniques that can be applied to open these muscles back up. If you are tense you may not feel much at first, although you will become less tense with repeated use. You can apply a percussive technique starting at the occipital and down the back of the neck. Then, continuing this motion on both sides of the neck. Percussive techniques can also be applied to the sternum area of the chest to open the chest up and free up the breath in the morning. Another great way to begin your day, is to open the chest. Expanding your lungs with a deep breath and rolling the sternum and working it across the top of the chest. Add a bit of tension to the thora muscles, which can really help open the lungs. Next you want to wake up your digestive system. You will want to apply a circular technique known as Mofa, you want to do this technique in a clockwise direction. Go up from the right side of the body across to the left side of the body and back down. This technique is very good at waking up the digestive system. Acupressure is a diagnostic system, so you can obtain a prescription for almost any ailment in conjunction with other therapies.

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