Breast Cancer Basics

Integrative care for breast cancer patients include combing advanced medical treatments with other therapies to optimize the effectiveness of your treatment. This type of care can reduce side effects, improve your quality of life and keep you strong mentally and physically during continued treatment. Research indicates that seven out of 10 patients undergoing cancer treatment experience depression and fatigue. Less than one patient in five receive spiritual support from their doctors. Integrative approaches help you better cope with the emotional and spiritual challenges that lay ahead.

Traditional Treatment Methods

If you’re a cancer patient, then your treatment methods include surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. There are other treatment methods such as mind-body medicine and nutrition therapy. Surgery can be used to treat cancer and manage specific symptoms. this type of treatment is determined by the tumor’s size and location. Radiation therapy uses x-rays to destroy cancer cells and/or reduce certain symptoms. Chemotherapy uses drugs to reduce or slow rapidly dividing cancer cells. Drugs may be given as an injection, topical cream, pill or intravenously.

Mind and body medicine uses mental health therapist who offer techniques and therapeutic practices to treat cancer patients. It’s designed to improve health and overall well-being. This type of therapy includes support groups, relaxation imagery, counseling and wellness practices for stress management. Pain management specialists use a variety of methods to treat and control pain such as nerve block therapies, implanted pain pumps and acupuncture therapies. Pain management may also include naturalistic medicines.

Nutrition Therapy

Many cancer patients have gastrointestinal problems. Cancer dietitians work with patients to prevent malnutrition and restore digestive health during treatment. These dietitians work directly with your care team to develop a personalized plan. Oncology therapies include physical therapy, electronic stimulation and other therapies to help manage side effects. Good nutrition is especially important during treatments to keep you strong and healthy both physically and mentally.

Breast Cancer Facts

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer found in the United States. It affects approximately one in eight women who will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. Early detection is an important key to success. The cancel survival rate today is up to 90 percent. Approximately 85 percent of breast cancer patients are women ages 45 or older. However, men can also get breast cancer, but women are 100 times more likely than men to be diagnosed with this disease.

Breast cancer treatments have significantly improved in the past 30 years. Recent medical discovers have made treatment more personalized. Invasive ductal carcinoma is the most common type of cancer in women today. This type of cancer may spread to other parts of the body including the lymph systems. Invasive ductal carcinoma starts in a milk duct and develops and grows into the fatty tissue of the breast. Signs of breast cancer include changes in the nipples, general pain in the breast and lumps felt on or inside the breast. Early treatment is important to successfully treat this type of breast cancer.

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