Jailed male claims cannabis was for pain relief

A male who grew cannabis to soothe his behind pain has been handed a 6 month jail judgment during Lerwick Sheriff Court.

Ian Leask, 50, of Prospect House in Lerwick’s Law Lane, formerly certified producing a category B piece during his home over a 5 month duration until 11th February.

The justice listened military were behaving on comprehension when they attended Leask’s residence and found a “substantial cultivation”.

Procurator mercantile Duncan MacKenzie pronounced apparatus found in Leask’s bedroom enclosed a vast tent and UV lamp, with windows lonesome by black bags.

However, a mercantile pronounced he supposed there was no blurb component to a cultivation.

Defence representative Tommy Allan pronounced Leask, who had announced himself on craving strike after primarily being remanded in propinquity to a box dual months ago, had gifted problem as a outcome of behind problems.

He combined Leask had attempted a series of remedies prescribed to him, though had concerns about intensity side-effects.

“His transparent purpose was to soothe his possess pain. He identified a sold aria of cannabis recognized for pain relief,” a representative said.

“He is not a hazard to others and has spent dual months in remand. Remand is some-more formidable for him than it would be for other people.”

Mr Allan pronounced a resources of a box had been formidable for Leask since he knew what a consequences were.

“I’d ask we to take comment of a transparent and apparent pain he is pang from.”

However, policeman Philip Mann pronounced his pursuit of sentencing Leask was done reduction formidable by a medical report, that showed Leask had unsuccessful to take comment of all kinds forms of prescribed medication.

“You’ve got several prior philosophy – utterly a lot of prior philosophy – and some of them are for accurately a same corruption as this one.

“Initially we suspicion this box was going to means me problem since of a fact we are regulating cannabis, we say, for pain relief.

“It would means me problem if it incited out we had attempted all probable with courtesy to prescribed remedy before branch to cannabis.

“The medical news performed indicates we have not taken each event to demeanour for prescribed medication, so this box is not utterly so formidable as we suspicion it was going to be.

“I can’t do anything other than levy a custodial sentence. It’s clearly opposite a law to furnish cannabis.”

The policeman combined he supposed a Crown’s avowal that a drugs were not dictated for supply.

He backdated a judgment to 12th February, and postulated damage of all a plant-producing apparatus that was seized by police.

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