How To Whiten Teeth

Many strive to have a Hollywood smile, which is extremely white teeth. White teeth are something that we all have when we are children, who get their first set of teeth, but teeth can easily become discolored, especially after eating certain foods. As adults, we have a set of teeth that will never grow back, if they happen to fall out or become decayed. Since our teeth cannot be replaced, we want to keep them as clean as possible. If you have good dental hygiene from childhood, until you become an adult, you may already have white teeth.

Even those with good dental hygiene, may not have the whitest set of teeth that they can get. If someone obsessively brushes after eating anything, and if they do it properly, they may have white teeth. Most adults have discolored teeth, even if it’s only slightly discolored. Discoloration of the teeth occurs when people eat different foods, and they may not be brushing properly, or hard enough to get rid of the stains left from foods. Those who smoke or drink certain juices, sodas, or wines, are subject to discolored teeth. Brushing regularly can help to prevent discoloration of the teeth.

Most people do not want to brush their teeth all the time, which is more than the standard three times a day, which is how often many people brush their teeth. In order to keep up with your teeth, and have them be as white as possible, you may need to brush as much as five times a day or more. If you want to keep your teeth as white as possible, you’ll want to brush, or at least rinse out your mouth, every single time you eat. Since many already have discolored teeth, the next best thing is to whiten the teeth.

Whitening the teeth is something that many people are doing, unless they receive expensive operations to replace their discolored teeth. It’s easy enough to whiten the teeth, and it can be done at home, or in a dental office. If you go to a dental office, they’ll use a gel on your teeth, which will give you whiter teeth in a very short period of time. Teeth whitening at a dental office, can cost hundreds of dollars, but it’s very effective. The only problem with certain teeth whitening methods, is that it may make the teeth very sensitive afterwards.

Teeth sensitivity can lead to other problems, especially when eating cold or hot foods. You can possibly try using other teeth whitening methods at home, such as whitening strips, gels, toothpastes and other methods. Some methods of teeth whitening needs to be left on overnight, and you may not eat anything, while the method is being used. No matter which method of teeth whitening you choose, you still have to maintain the whitened teeth afterwards. In order to maintain white teeth that have just been whitened, brush on a regular basis. Every time you eat, brush your teeth, so you can keep your white smile.

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